Astronergy New Energy Baicheng Phase II 100MW Photovoltaic Power Generation Leader Base Project Grid-connected Power Generation

On June 29, 2020, Chint New Energy Baicheng Photovoltaic Power Generation Leading Incentive Base (2019) No. 2 project was connected to the grid as scheduled. The project started on October 15, 2019, with a construction period of 8 months. The project overcomes various adverse factors and fully promotes the construction, once again showing the comprehensive strength of Chint New Energy.

The No. 2 project of the Baicheng Photovoltaic Power Generation Leading Incentive Base (2019) is invested and constructed by Chint New Energy. The project is located in Liyetun, Guangrong Village, Jiaoliuhe Town, Taonan City, Baicheng City, Jilin Province. It covers an area of ​​5297 acres and has an installed capacity of 100MW. One of the five large-scale individual projects of Baicheng Photovoltaic Power Generation Leading Incentive Base Project in 2019

The project uses 405Wp high-efficiency photovoltaic modules independently developed and produced by Chint New Energy, of which 60 MW double-glass double-sided modules, 40 MW single-crystal single-glass modules, and the use of 10 degrees flat inclined single tracking bracket to maximize power generation . It is estimated that the average annual on-grid electricity during the operation period is about 190942MWh, and the corresponding annual equivalent full-load power generation hours are about 1736h, which is equivalent to saving about 58237.31t of standard coal, reducing sulfur dioxide emissions by about 584.28t, carbon dioxide emissions by about 155426.79t, and nitrogen oxidation. The emissions are about 504.85t, the carbon dust is about 51936.22t, and the cumulative power generation in the 25-year operation period is about 4773559MWh.

This project adopts the operation mechanism of "breeding base + photovoltaic power generation". The photovoltaic power station is built on the top, and the sheep is planted and raised below. While providing clean energy and creating economic value for the local area, it also greatly improves the local ecological environment and realizes the light of agriculture and animal husbandry. Complement each other, improve the breeding level, improve the land utilization rate, and strive to build a photovoltaic ecological breeding demonstration base that integrates photovoltaic power generation, Chinese herbal medicine cultivation, lamb fattening, high-quality forage cultivation and manure treatment.

During the construction of the Baicheng Phase II project, the project team overcame many difficulties: In order to facilitate the planting of later crops, the height of the components above the ground was specifically increased during the design of the project, and the highest point even exceeded 5 meters. All required scaffolding construction, which increased the difficulty of construction . In addition, due to the epidemic situation, material supply and personnel entry have been delayed, and the construction period has been seriously affected, but the project team still mobilized all forces through various methods to complete the grid-connected power generation within the planned time. It is worth mentioning that the project team has also overcome the difficult conditions of winter construction, and it is still operating as usual even in the severe cold weather of minus 30 degrees. Yu Zejun, the project manager responsible for the first and second phases of the construction of Chint Taicheng, said that the project construction really put him under great pressure, including the epidemic situation, construction period, construction conditions, etc., but at the same time, pressure is also a driving force. The project can be connected to the grid on time, everything Hard work is worth it.

As the only national photovoltaic leading base in Northeast China, Baicheng is of great significance for promoting the high-quality development of the clean energy industry in western Jilin, promoting the application of advanced photovoltaic technology products and industrial upgrading across the country. After the completion of the first batch of leader projects in Shanxi Datong, the Baotou leader projects in Inner Mongolia, and the third batch of 100MW projects of Baicheng photovoltaic power generation application leading base, the 2nd project of the Chint Taicheng photovoltaic power generation incentive incentive base (2019) was successfully connected to the grid , Once again fully demonstrate the company's outstanding competitive strength, continue to establish the strong position of Chint in the photovoltaic field!


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