Turning a Crisis into an Opportunity

Astronergy Calmly Faces the Post-Epidemic Era with PV 20+

On June 30, TÜV Rheinland hosted the "2020 QS China Photovoltaic Award", which was held by TÜV Rheinland. The event was held in Suzhou as scheduled, bringing together more than 200 PV industry representatives and experts and scholars. Astronergy's President Lu Chuan and Vice President Huang Haiyan were invited to attend the event, focusing on the development of the industry in the post-epidemic era and discussing hot trends and responses. Strategy.

Picture: PV-TECH Interview with Astronergy Vice President Haiyan Huang

Astronergy's Vice President, Haiyan Huang, was invited to give an interview to PV-TECH at the event's media salon and gave her insights into the industry. . When asked how to balance the relationship between quality and price, Huang Haiyan said: the PV industry to vigorously develop, reduce this is very critical. In addition to the reduction of the silicon material there are non-silicon auxiliary materials and processing costs, with the development of crystalline silicon technology, the proportion of the latter cost has been increased. As a result, more attention needs to be paid to controlling non-silicon costs. In addition, equipment localization and automation are also important ways to reduce costs and improve reliability. In particular, she stressed the need to strengthen the innovation of raw materials and business ideas, while calling for collaboration between suppliers of the PV upstream and downstream industry chain. We will work together to promote cost reduction and efficiency improvement in the PV industry.

Picture: Interview with Lu Chuan, President of Chint New Energy

In an interview with Yijia, Lu Chuan, President of Chint New Energy, mentioned that the QSEN China PV Awards provide an opportunity for industry peers to speak freely. The platform and opportunity to fully exchange the current development situation, problems and future direction is of great significance and we hope the event will be better and better. When talking about the future development and direction of the company, Lu Chuan said, "Last year, Chint New Energy launched ASTRO series modules and Winner of the TÜV Rheinland "PV Module Power Generation Simulation Winner Award" at the 2019 QS China PV Awards, as well as the TÜV Rheinland TÜV Rheinland's world's first LeTID certificate and the industry's first AAA certificate for operation and maintenance service providers, reflecting TÜV Rheinland's commitment to the global market. TÜV Rheinland recognizes the quality and reliability of Astronergy's PV modules as well as its commitment to plant operation and maintenance. This year, the company will increase its application of new large module technologies and hopes to be recognized by TÜV Rheinland as it has in the past.

Picture: Lu Chuan, President of Astronergy, at the roundtable discussion.

In the afternoon, Lu Chuan was invited to attend a roundtable to present his views on the 20+ era of PV. In general, the target set by the company before the epidemic is basically the same as now, and the whole year may even be better than expected. When talking about the "crisis" and "opportunity" of the epidemic, Lu Chuan said, "Chint New Energy has advanced its overseas projects before the outbreak of the domestic epidemic. Arrangements, local development strategies of overseas teams minimize the impact of overseas epidemics on project construction, such as the current Dutch The project and the Polish project have all started construction normally. It was also emphasized that using local development, construction and financing teams in overseas power plant development is a very important measure in the current epidemic situation. The epidemic can still bring "opportunities" in the midst of the "crisis". From the perspective of power plant development, the epidemic has affected global electricity consumption and the price of electricity has plummeted, making the economic model of the project appear. The problem is that for these projects, construction can be delayed for as long as possible until electricity prices recover. And there are opportunities, such as the acquisition at low prices of quality projects that have been developed and built overseas. Secondly, on the O&M side, owners have been affected by the epidemic to suspend the change of operators, and the recognition and reliance on O&M providers has increased, which can be exploited. The opportunity to cultivate owners to focus on the value of power plant operation and maintenance services rather than purely price, and to gain more opportunities to maintain existing customers.

Looking ahead to the 20+ era of PV, the value of clean energy as a whole should be taken into account, and Astronergy will continue to build on its strengths in the PV industry. With the rich experience accumulated in the field and comprehensive services covering the world, we do our best to provide our customers with a more stable and reliable one-stop service. solutions and work with industry partners to overcome challenges.

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